16 years old
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About me

Hi I’m Milita I’m form the uk I started modelling around 7 months ago since then I’ve had perfessional photo shoots and walked at runway my experience within this industry is great family and friends all support me and as well do poeple just genuinely complements I’m given everyday boots my self-esteem for someone who has been bullied like me I like to put myself out there and prove everyone wrong you are who you are don’t forget that life your life to the fullest and it doesn’t matter what people say they are just jelous by telling myself that opens doors to so many opportunities like this

My dreams and passions

My passion is in runways as I enjoy the livley of it and the sassy runways like Victoria secret I love to laugh and make people laugh meet new people and create something new in this world a world of diversity in race no matter what colour you are you are great

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I can make a difference in the next fashion hero buy teaching poeple about and how to make dreams reality and how to rise yourself above others jealousy and hate just cause you have something they haven’t I would love to be on the fashion hero to prove this world yess Im a model but I’m going to be the next Britishindian supermodel who makes a difference in this world

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