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Who am I?

My name is Derek Montalvo and I live in Mobile, Alabama. My last name is not the easiest to pronounce therefore a lot of people just call me “Monty”. That is also my grandfather’s name, so I like being called that. I think of myself as a true genuine and sincere person with strong leadership qualities. I am always thinking of how I can make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Having children at a young age taught me the importance of staying positive even when things in life are at the lowest. I love making others smile and feel good about themselves. I am an exciting, cheerful and an extremely thoughtful person. I am involved in sports, all of my kids’ school functions and I enjoy reading to my two boys every night. You will rarely see me not smiling. I believe that you need to make the absolute most out of this life, so why waste time being sad or unhappy?

What do I think about the Fashion Hero TV Series?

I love the fashion hero TV series! I think Fashion Hero TV show is an extremely compelling series that allows the public the opportunity to become the next modeling face for specific modeling companies and have the opportunity of a lifetime!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

I would be a great role model for this generation as well as inspire people as the new face of the fashion hero to show the public that “normal” everyday people are just as significant as the stars if not MORE. Just because you are not on the cover of a magazine or in the show business does not mean that you are NOT an AMAZING person. I feel like my strength is to know how to block out specific unimportant things so that I am able to focus on what truly matters. I realize the true importance of when to get involved in certain situations, I understand when to take a step back to allow others to lead however I also realize when it is time for me to step in. In addition to all of this I also work for Mullinax Ford of Mobile in the internet sales department with an awesome group of people!

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