Business owner, Med-student, Freelance actor
25 years old
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About me

I love to make all the people around me to be happy. I always feel good to be the reason for their laughter :D

My dreams and passions

I have 2 dreams that wanna it to be true one day soon which are...1.) To be an actress. I love to do acting, in love in this kind of company. And 2.) To be a good doctor for all my patient. I graduated from Med-shool already and now I'm on the way to make it to be true. It might take longer time than others but I will never give up on my dream. :)

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I know that everyone here have kinda same passion and goal BUT me, I would say that my passion and goal isn't lesser than anyone else. I clearly have my goal and I do have my love from my family to drive me to that goal. If you ask what make me different from the other, I would say that is my passion, my needs, my hunger, and and my goals not only for me, but I do this for my family, too. And they are the only reason that drive me and make me to not give up on anything, even thro it' hard sometime. But I AM A FIGHTER. and A HAPPINEES MAKER :D . Like I said I love to make all the people happy and love to be the reason for their laughter or happiness. I think this is the thing that make me different because it's what makes me me ^^

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