43 years old
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Who am I?

I'm a skier, hiker, cyclist, yogi and general adventure seeker. I'm usually either climbing a mountain or skiing down one. If not, I'm riding my bike or doing hot yoga. I grew up in Vancouver and spent 11 years living in London, England.

What do I think about A New Kind of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero TV series?

I think its amazing that we are showcasing those who don't fit the current beauty standard. There's incredible power in people seeing and experiencing a different beauty standard. Bravo for showcasing that!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of A New Kind Of Beautiful TV series Presented by The Fashion Hero?

Vitiligo started for me with a “heart shaped” spot on the middle of my forehead in my late teens/early 20’s. My vitiligo slowly progressed for me year after year from the tips of my fingers and up to my neck until my late 30’s (2018) when it began again on my face. That vitiligo journey was a rollercosater of emotions for many reasons. I'd be a great role model because most people don't know a lot about vitiligo. I can help educate and make it more visible. Only 1% of the population has vitiligo - this community and the world needs to see more of us.

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