21 years old
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I’m Precious Hannah im 21 im a female mechanic. I am animated, outgoing, funny, and I refuse to let odds define my chances. I am a firm believer that family is everything you need I am the annoying cousin you couldn’t live without. I am interested in being and doing so much more. Modeling would open up gateways I’ve always wanted the opportunity to be a voice this could be my big roar

My dreams and passions

My dreams and passions would be to just wake up and enjoy every second my career my location none of it matters as long as I can wake up with a clear head and know that my day is going to be my day. Working for small companies really taught me that I’m not a settler and im passionate in never having to do that again.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As the next fashion Hero I’d make a diffrence to those people who feel like they’ve tried everything and still have no way out no matter the sistuation, I’d bring with me an uproar of hungry melinials who don’t want to just end here who wants to strive for more be more and be able to conquer this earth we feel so unwanted in. I’d love to show my people that we are still in the game no matter what we look like we are quality and qualified.

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