South Africa
19 years old
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About me

Genuine the best word to describe me ! I am a hard worker and also a go getter I don't easily give up on my goals ..and always up for a challenge 👑

My dreams and passions

I always had a dream of being a model ...but sadly I don't know where to start 😢 I am now studying BEd at the University of The Free State in South Africa .I won't give up on my modeling dream ,I am still learning step by step and I am winning 👑💪In life we don't need a bed of roses inorder to make it ! !..after all I was born with talents that I am willing to use and make it to my dreams ,we all know that Rome wasn't built in one day but step by step I am gonna make it!

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Fashion is not about wearing all expensive brands and slaying in different out fits everyday ,but Fashion is all about creating your own style for example I can wear one jean but different tops everyday 💃its not about being all classy and stuff .As a new fashion hero I can help many young girls who've given up in confidence to be confident with the little they have in their drawals 💆to be different and beautiful in their own way .

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