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Hello! I'm Roslyn Rouge, I do me, so baby you do you! Here's a spiel: My favorite food is cheese and wine My hobbies are eating cheese and drinking wine I have a cat, he likes tinned food and chasing lizards I should be the next fashion hero because I am your awkward, talks-too-much- hulahoop pinup! My style is inspired by burlesque and drag... No glitter, no deal! I am fun and entertaining, but I hate talking about myself... So let's show and not tell! Vote for Roslyn, your socialite with, pinup style, bad jokes and an encyclopedia of classy cheese x

My dreams and passions

As a burlesque, pinup, and circus performer Ms Roslyn understands the pressure of both industry and competition. All Roslyn has ever wanted is to stand out from the crowd and showcase who she is to the best of her abilities... A circ-burlesque routine isn't a bad way to do that, jussayin' :P

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

What is "normal" these days? Well, who cares because "normal" is outdated and boring. Shut it down. Roslyn Rouge is an advocate for Side Show Fashion, taking the glamour of the 1950s fashion and updating it to a quirky millennial wonderland. Hot glue and glitter, drag, burlesque, reveals, sequins... Roslyn isn't here to be "normal", she's here to stun! ... Which camera is on right now!!!??

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