29 years old
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About me

I was born and bred in Australia but i am currently living in canada. I havent explored much but due to circumstances back home i decided that now was the right time for me to get out there and do what i have always wanted. I am a bubbly, fun ,positive person who is strong and inderpendant. My family and friends have always believed in me and by overcoming many struggles within myself i believe that if if i put my mind and soul into everything i do i can achieve anything. I truely believe that this is my time to shine!

My dreams and passions

I dream of adventure, travel and meeting new and interesting people everyday. I dream of doing something i love to be able to give me the lifestyle i want. I am passionate about everything i do and i am willing to work hard to achieve these things. I have many dreams but i must conquer them one at a time and right now my next dream is to be the next fashion hero.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

Many people think that you have to look a certain way or be discovered young to be able to make it into the model industry. I also thought this until the fashion hero became an option for me. I may be getting older and some may think i have flaws but i am confident and believe in myself and i believe i can be the next fashion hero. By becomimg the next fashion hero i want to inspire others to follow their dreams too no matter what they might be. I want to be someone that others can look up to and help make people believe in themselevs and that if they work hard and put their minds to it they can achieve anything they want, just like i have. I want to be a role model and make an impact on people who think they arnt good enough because if you have confidence in yourself you can achieve your dreams and that by just being the best you that you can be IS enough.

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