Shalom liandra
Student and Part time Crafter
23 years old
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About me

i am a poetic soul, colour defines me, creativity and poems mold my being. The love of fashion rejuvenates and ignites my shine each and every day. Smiling is where my utmost beauty lies

My dreams and passions

I dream to be a professional writer for wordplay and painting pictures with only words is my passion. I dream to be a professional poet and Crafter I am currently studying Environmental Sciences and i am constantly taught to reduce, reuse and recycle and i choose to support this principle through my art and craft , recycling anything and everything to create my kind of ART to save my planet

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I would finally open a youth center in my village(RURAL) where environmental awareness is created and they learn how to preserve OR mantain the environment through various ways of creative Art. Because i love Fashion i would also teach young girls in the village to up-cycle old clothes to any trends they dream of For i am the Queen of DIYs . This youth center will be a house of poets, dancers ,Fashionistas and most importantly Environmentalists. Most importantly share with the world the talent Zimbabweans embody, share our ideas and our own kind of beautiful

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