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Bonjour, koman ou ye? Translation Hello, how are you? My name is Stephanie Pierre. And I am a 20 year old woman with many talents and aspirations. I was born on the islands but I was raised in a small city in the United States. I speak two languages; Creole and English.

My dreams and passions

My Dreams and Passion while most people may call it a dream at 16 I viewed it as a calling. I strive to become a successful model and I am very passionate about helping others whenever and however I can.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As I venture on to becoming the next Tyra Banks....*laughing*... I said it wrong. As I venture on to becoming the next Fashion Hero I plan to become an Inordinate Leader and Heroin for not only the youth of my generation but for others like myself who are of a different nationality, skin color and sex. I desire to implement in the minds of others positivity, Confidence, Self Love and Most of all to Never let anyone Stop them from Believing in themselves!

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