45 years old
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Beauty to me is that Inner Light that blossoms into a Majestic Rose. The beauty you see when you open your heart, and allows others to see that beauty shine . Beauty is completing my journey to be the woman that I have become today, and shining brightly with love in my heart. This is who I am and what beauty means to me.

My dreams and passions

I am a Southern Post Op Transsexual Woman with many passions. I love to Inspire people so that they see their Inner beauty, I am very active when it comes to LGBT pride, more so with Pulse Orlando. Pulse and those lost victims will always be apart of my heart and soul. I am also a Photographer and love shooting Fashion and runway Models. Shooting models allows me to create art and make lasting friendships with people who share similar interest.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I have my interest however, I'd like to mention a few: I enjoy Scuba Diving, Storytelling, Spirituality, Tarot, Photography, swimming, Nature walks, Workout, Inspiring people, Gaming, Fan Conventions, LGBT pride events, and so much more.

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