South Africa
19 years old
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About me

I’m a very vibrant and bubbly teen with great energy that rubs off to my surroundings and there’s never a Dull moment when im around. I’m doing my first year in Bachelor of Arts at Varsity College and I’m a sucker for meeting new people and getting to explore difference.

My dreams and passions

As much as these dreams are mine,they include other people as dream is to make it out of the struggle but not alone, I want to be ambitious but I would like to see my surroundings achieving their goals as well as I’m about empowering others and supporting them no matter what bad they wish for me.Im also into supporting charity because I understand and can somehow relate to how it’s like growing up without biological parents.

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

I have so many young kids in my area that look up to me so me being the next fashion hero would inspire them to try new things and stand out of the norm because we can’t all make it using the same path as others.

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