South Africa
34 years old
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About me

I'm a confident,passionate,and intelligent women..Who like chasing after her dreams (modelling,fashion and acting).I love people and like meeting new people and exploring new opportunities.

My dreams and passions

My Dreams To be get a big break by scoring myself a once in a lifetime opportunity to fashion model nd travel the world and be in big productions e.g New York Fashion week and all amazing big platforms and represent my country South Africa and my hometown Bergville. My Passions Modelling Acting Singing Teaching (I work as a teacher)

How can I make a difference as the next Fashion Hero?

As a next fashion hero I would make a difference in girls from rural areas who think people from such backgrounds don't make to be big fashion stars,I will not only be inspiration to them but I will create an agency and scout ladies with good fashion sense and style,that love eat breath fashion like myself,create a platform for them where they can get opportunities to do fashion jobs (represent brands,enter competitions like this one Fashion Hero,become designers etc)..I will bring in people to broaden their knowledge of fashion and help them become recognisable fashion icons and fashion heros..So fashion shows to raise money to fund and start agency to cater for all ladies who didn't have chance or platform like myself and who now age is against them..I will change the standards and defination of fashion and beauty make all women of all ages and sizes feel good about them selves and teach them that fashion know no boundaries..

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