Restaurant/bar owner. Designer. BIKER lady.
36 years old
Who am I?

Hello everyone! Im THE girl that lives in THE North of Sweden near THE Arctic Cirkle. In this small town we live werry near eachother..and that is a good thing, becouse we have to help eachother. Here we have Snow,a lot of Snow.. raindeers and darkness. Now in THE Winter the daylight only last for a hour,,and in THE Summer THE Sun never goes down.

What do I think about The Fashion Hero TV Series?

in this world there are people who are what others want you to be, but in your own world you are what you should be .. and that is unique. The fashion hero tv is a constructive beauty contest that is just like you, Unique in all and honest ways. When you can take learning and wisdom from each other, see the beautiful unique before the usual "standard", when you can be who you are and trust that you are good enough as you have been created to be, The fashion tv is just that, they are the step ahead of those who come after .. this is called: honest beauty!

Why would I be a great role model for this generation and inspire people as the new face of the Fashion Hero?

Here am I, Tina who always has a bit of everything from side to side, and I've never given up, but I'm not afraid to dare! Luckily, so .. I have always learned that "you are so dashing," "you're so brave." I could never think of the importance of these positive wordujs, as well as standing behind my own actions and thoughts, until in recent years as I began to listen too much to the opinions of others, negative comments, and so on. I allowed to affect my own thoughts too strongly. Then I went at a wild pace “down” .. is that wild when I think afterwards how much people can influence my own mind and thoughts, and how I myself let these negative thoughts / people affect my own thinking and mind. But that's how it goes in life, not that it's hit on the ground, but that you always get up from there! If you want to achieve something in this life, then you have to do it yourself. If I were asked what I was doing in my profession right now, the answer would be: just about any kind of edge. yes I am by profession a barber / hairdresser, stylist, make-up artist, designer, bartender, hairdresser and beauty business teacher, motorcycle and engine seller etc.. I and so I have two children, om a mother and wife (my pride to says that My husband is a good man). Everyday I build something and fix something that is broken. My handbag is my toolbox.. furniture, Wood is My favorite material to works with. In a kind of person that can doo everything by My thats how My patent raised me. Just becouse you are and look like a woman it doesent meän you have to havet your tumb in THE pocket and hope someone doo it for you..even THE men have to learn it,why not you?! in "My world" I Always think and live after THE mott : IF you cant fix it your self,dont buy it! Sometimes it makes itself wondering why you can’t just settle for one thing at a time and complete it until the end and then only start something new. Well it doesn’t fit in my head kind of thing, no no… When everything has to be done at the same time and the more projects going on, the better I do and it gives me positive flow and resilience. Whether it was a job or a hobby, that's the way I am. It's true that sometimes you have to stop and think about the end result, plan the next step and then just complete it, but it's a lot more fun when you do more than you think about and then you can see with the end result. This is what “learning through the heel” is, for that is exactly what I am living for. The Meditating peoples is already a world full of, and I did try it , but im not one of "them", because the location is hard not to, and brain are already might have caught throwing a couple of volts before I got my eyes open in the morning. It is good to be courageous but nothing will stop you on the path of life, never give up if nothing is wrong then hold on to your own opinion, live, dare, thank, smile and take on challenges… No one will pick you up from home, don't just wait,do! And remember to take your heart with you too 💕Tina

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