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I’m a bubbly, fun, respectful, outgoing and easy to get a long with person. I love modelling. I’ve alway wanted to be a model. Whenever I’ve had difficulties in my life I would dream about becoming one. In reality I have anxiety, no friends and only my mum. There’s no successful family members of mine and I would like to make that change, to give them something to be proud about. In my heart I believe that it will bring the old me out by doing something that I love. I feel confident about doing this and that I will be more confident with myself. I’ve had no idea where start so here I am.

Обо мне

I dream to become a model with confidence. To show the real me, live life and to make something of myself.


I would make a difference because I’ll never change the real me. I wanna be able to help other people who are down and out in the world as I was. Inspire more Indignous and small town communitiesthat you can start out as nothing but it doesn’t mean you’re no one or that you will not be a someone. I want to make my Indigenous and home community proud.

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