Ihab Mo'men
Fitness Trainer
30 лет
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An easy-going guy with that like to have fun and stay away from stress, life is too short to waste it in useless debates, let's break the ice and free our souls from hatred and we all could ge the happiness we are looking for

Обо мне

just a simple guy hunting my way to fashion and fitness through hundreds of huge obstacles that won't stop me from chasing my dream, would like to discuss my opinion and open to others' opinions too ...!


I like to break the rules, I think no one ever should put standards for beauty, it's not law !!!, For decades we've been hearing that to beautiful you have to look like this or to be built like that !!! It's relative what you consider beautiful I may not see it the way you consider it, and what I describe as beautiful you may disagree with me, Lets change these standards and show the world the that every one of us has he own beauty

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