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✨I think beauty is unique, we are all beautiful and different. Is good that now all kinds of beauty is highlighting and accepting all kinds of models in some parts of the world. 🌏🌎🌍

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Hi , my name is Julie Ann Casillas Santana But everybody calls me by J'Ann Sant 🙃 I am from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 but i live in Milwaukee 🇺🇸. I have 24 years old My height is 5'7 “I want to bring something Different, Exotic, Unique and Androgenic in the Fashion Industry” At 5 years of age its was that my passion began in modeling as well as in Dancing and Acting. In Puerto Rico I had the opportunity to model on the best Runway in which they have become great experiences that make me who I am today. 👑 I had the opportunity to model in the fashion Week of Plitzs in new York 🗽 Participated in several competition as 2 finalist in Puerto Rico World Model Intenational 2013, Finalist in Elite model Puerto Rico 2014, winner of reality show competition Tiny World Model 2016 and Emerging Model of the Year in New York 2018 🗽


My interests are to be able to contribute something different to the field of fashion, something exotic, androgenic and unique. Prepare myself more and more and have all the tools necessary to achieve success.

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