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Aloha. I’m Kehulani but like to be called Lani. I’m 26 years old. I reside in Hawaii, honolulu

Обо мне

My dream is to become a model or a fashionista. I don’t why, but I just love trying on different outfits and showing them off lol even tho they don’t look good together aha I just live to have fun with it. I just go crazy. Like I would be in my own world and pretend I’m on a runway just strutting my stuff 😂 I find ways to entertain myself when im alone and bored 😂


I would make a difference just by being me. You can dress how ever you want to. It doesn’t have to be a trend. You can just simply be YOU and have fun with it. It’s all about how you see yourself in how look or dress and not how others or the world see yourself.

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