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I’m Lillian, sarcastic, fun, freaky, lover of art, smart, extroverted introvert, outspoken and very lovely.

Обо мне

My dream is to be apart of the free world. To stimulate positive growth of the human existence, Where opportunity is abundant, life is natural. From freedom of thought and being without social persecution to swaying people towards accomplishments and not pleasure. Nothing forced, or pushed, it just is because it can be. Anything works, because it can. Another one is to travel as much as possible. just living a happy life. Happiness is everything to me.


Difference is what we all need to show how unique and exceptional we all are. As the next fashion hero I’ll make a difference by been a point of touch to all teens and youths with low self esteem and make them understand that beauty brings out the fashionista in us all.

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