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My biggest dream has always been traveling the world, learning different cultures, meeting new people. I love learning about different ways of living, learning new perspectives. I have been fortunate enough be able to travel and see four amazing countries overseas. I am from South Africa currently living in Paris. I came here on a cultural exchange program I know Paris in and out, I speak French and 6 other South African languages.

Обо мне

I have always dreamed to be one of the fashion gurus in the industry, I love taking pictures and using the camera in general. I would say cooking is one of my passions, I have come to love the French and Italian cuisine. I love arts. During my spare time I visit a lot of museums here in favorite top three museums would be the Louvre, musee d'orsay and Paris Museum of Modern Art.


Currently I have been working on writing a children’s book about my travel in Paris, to portray the amazing architecture and introduce technology to kids who grew up in the townships. To inspire them in a way that, when they grow up they will want to travel the world and impact change wherever they go. I could incorporate my idea into writing a children’s book about fashion I mean, I see it everyday in the streets of Paris! Why not introduce it to young minds?

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