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I believe beauty comes from within. I believe it's more about loving yourself as well as others, how big your heart is and your compassion for helping others. Not what you look like on the surface.

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I love modeling, acting, cheerleading/dancing, and volunteering at charitable organizations that are near and dear to my heart. My dream is to become a high fashion runway model. I have a bubbly and outgoing personality. I cheered throughout high school and a few years in college. Then I started dancing at my university and was fortunate enough to be able to travel and study under amazing choreographers. I was a semi pro cheerleader and was honored to be Miss November in our calendar.


I love modeling, acting, and cheerleading/dancing doing volunteer work and helping out in my community. I enjoy going to musicals, the opera, the ballet, plays, art galleries... I'm really into living a clean healthy lifestyle. When the weather permits you can find me outside hiking, biking, running, enjoying water sports, or walking along a trail listing to music. When's it's cold I'm inside painting, singing karaoke, or writing poetry.

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