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Beauty is not the glamor of a glossy magazine, not a legs in stockings or a body with 6 abs pack but the self-love and love to the world. A good, sincere smile and a positive mood that what beauty is. Pledge of beauty is to be your best self, radiate love and share it with all the people. Beaty is always inside of us and in each of us. It may lies deep inside of our souls and we might not know about its existence. But beauty is inside of us for sure! We just have to find the way to express it. Don't be affraid, be your best self.

Обо мне

I am 22 years old fellow. One of the identical twins, younger one. I am an active, open, enthusiastic, versatile, unusually thinking young man. From a very young age I have been dreaming to become a professional model, to be on social media. But because of my height nobody actually even wanted to give me a chance to try myself in this sphere. This reality show is my opportunity to express myself, show the world who I really am and what I am capable of.


I have a great passion to Music & Video, Fashion & Beauty. A love Singing & Dancing. I am playing guitar. I am making videos about my life experience, travellings, everydays life. Posting them to my YouTube channel. I also like speding time in the shops searching for some new, good looking, modern, unnusual, freaky clothes. I love meeting new people, to listen to their stories, learn new things from them. I am fond of sports. In my spare time in a company with my twin brother I am visiting GYM, doing gymnastics. I have pretty good skills in acrobatics. I can do whole lot of different flips. After I have tried sky diving summer 2014, this is a part of my life too. I have two jumps now, and I am planning to get my sky diving licence.

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