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My definition of beauty is someone who can help others while helping themselves too. People who are confident and help others through social media and real life. To me every person is beautiful other than the people that tell you otherwise. Everyone has different tastes and expectations of beauty and just because you don't meet someone else's expectations does not mean you are not beautiful. Beauty is you, Beauty is a beautiful smile, A beautiful personality, A beautiful weight weather that is slim curvy or heavy, A beautiful colour weather that is black white or mixed. A beautiful height weather that be small or tall. If I was to define my definition of beauty in a short sentence I would have to say that most beauty comes from the inside. A pretty face and a pretty body will change over time, a beautiful person inside will take a lot to change them. Beauty is you, Beauty is me. Beauty is everyone.


Theres a lot to say about me. I'm just an average girl whos been through a very hard time in life. I am not the average size model. I have stretch marks and I have spots, I don't have perfect teeth or perfect skin but I know I have what it takes to be a model. I have what it takes because its my dream and you should never give up on your dream. I have always suffered with body issues all my life, I would be called fat, A whale, A mountain you name it. I have been betrayed and left by myself by some of the people I depended on for happiness, I have been dragged to the depth of depression and almost never came back up. My main problem in life is that I never loved myself, How can I expect others to love me if I don't love myself? This question was one thing that always dragged me down. I have been bullied since I went to school. I have been dragged to my absolute limits in a crowd of people. I never thought that I would be happy again after I went into depression. I thought I was gone past the point of help. Singing was something that initially picked me up. I am just 17 years old and when I realised it was going to get better that's when I picked myself back up. I went from doctors and councillors to a music studio. I wrote a song to prevent teen suicide. It took me over a year to tell someone I was dangerously depressed. I was thinking to myself if I can smile and make others happy and come home and break down how many others are doing the exact same as me? so I wrote a song called stay strong. I got it studio recorded and put it out there to help other teenagers just like me. Once I tackled helping people with depression I tackled my body issues. I started showing off my curves. I have starved myself to try and lose weight. I have lost over 4 stone altogether and I continue to change and grow fonder of my body. My main goal in life right now is to turn up on the fashion hero and help change how people see the modelling industry. Being invited to the filming of the fashion hero has changed my life and I am delighted to have the opportunity. My main goal is to help other girls with body issues and to promote all shapes looks and sizes because modelling is for beautiful people. Everybody is beautiful! So why is the average modeI tall slim and beautiful, I believe everyone can be a model and I am determined to see all shapes colours and sizes on those magazine covers! About me? My name is Stacey dineen. I am 17 years old and I am eager to change the fashion industry.


I love singing, swimming, dancing, walking, modelling, singing and acting.

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