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In my opinion that Soul and Heart the most important things in person. If you beautiful inside you are incredible and fabulous person. Even the little stars brighter in space despite the size and the distance to the Earth.

Обо мне

I am a young Ukrainian women 21 years old. For me was really hard to be confident all my life because i was tallest person then others (6.0) plus i never was skinny which is definition of beauty for this days same as i wasnt look like most of the ig models or tv stars with curvy forms and thin waist. I am something in between . So with that i decide to get tattoos which mean for me something really important and remind me who i am inside , not go against my principals no matter what. Be me. But people judge by cover and i got a lot of judgment to my way and i fight for my self to stay stronger and myself. I really want to tell everybody that we all beautiful and dont need to judge by cover and think by stereotype .


Dancing, reading, music, drawing

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