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I’m Briannah A.K.A Pretty B! Im born and raised in Oakland, Ca and have recently relocated to Las Vegas, NV! I am a Goddess/Queen/ Black Woman that likes no limitation put on me navigating and growing through my journey! I love fashion! I believe fashion is an art of expression which gives me the freedom to express myself daily! I customize shoes and clothes as well! I am the Slay Queen! I am also a holistic wellness and Life Coach, Vegan Nutrition Coach, and Holistic Fitness trainer! I’ve been on a long journey of fitness and I am very proud of where I am today! I also cross paths with agriculture with U-Farm And Home LLC which I do Marketing! I love doing marketing, business coaching and helping others! I am fun to be around and you never know what’s going to come out my mouth! There’s a lot to learn about me and I’m a genuine spirited person! I am an entrepreneur! I own Fashion B Fix, Community Lifestyle Change and I am part owner and co-host of Organic AF Talk on YouTube!

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I think it’s an awesome movement I would definitely love to be apart of to change societies perception and bring true fabulous authenticity and beautiful spirit to the world!

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I would be a great inspiration because, I am my authentic true self flaws and all! I am known for uplifting others around me! I’ve been through real life situations which, makes me relatable and more understandable on so many levels to people. This is what makes individuals feel comfortable talking to me. I am inspired by the ones I inspire and I’m living in purpose! I love bright colors! I have a have a bright personality and I love life period! I bring light to many situations especially for the ones I love! My life isn’t easy but, I still bring positivity to it daily!

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