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My name is Doris gbakamara. I am originally from Sierra Leone but now I live in Baltimore Maryland. As a person, I am very outgoing, caring, loving and passionate about people. I am currently working at Amazon as a Learning ambassador at the moment and I am also working on my modeling portfolio and website as well. In addition, I went to modeling school called John Casablanca in Charlotte North Carolina. And I am very ambitious and determined and hard-working ,I don’t give up so easy on my dreams.

Fashion Hero TV Yarışması hakkında ne düşünüyorum?

My dreams are to become a model and a actress. I am very passionate about being a professional model and hope to one day be a mentor to kids and adults around the world to become a model.

Bu nesil için neden iyi bir rol model olabilirim ve Fashion Hero'nun yeni yüzü olarak insanlara nasıl ilham verebilirim?

If I become the next fashion hero, it would mean the world to anyone who have ever doubted themselves or told that they are not beautiful enough to be a model, because we are all beautiful and Unique in our own way. For example, Being a model to me is not just my passion only, it is everything to me because when I was young I was sitting at home doubting myself if I was ever beautiful enough to become a model one day.

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