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I am a highly ambitious person with big dreams for my future.

Fashion Hero TV Yarışması hakkında ne düşünüyorum?

Fashion refers to anything that becomes a rage among the masses. Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression. Most Noteworthy, it is something that is in vogue. Fashion appears in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, lifestyle, and body proportions. I think hero tv series would be a great show ❤️

Bu nesil için neden iyi bir rol model olabilirim ve Fashion Hero'nun yeni yüzü olarak insanlara nasıl ilham verebilirim?

Every generation has their own style; something that sets them apart from the previous generations. So why does our generation choose to wear the clothing that they do? Of course we don't want to dress like our parents, but there are other factors involved in developing the style of a generation.I think there are many underrated faces around the world 🌍 And i am a simple man with gorgeous dream 💜

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