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I am 40 years old, single mom of 3 beautiful kids (Yenay he is 19, Pily she is 16 and have 14 heart surgeries and is in a Wheelchair and Stacy Lee 13), advocate of Domestic and Sexual Abuse Survivors, plus size model, plus size beauty queen.

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I work very hard to provide my family the life they deserve. Hasn't been easy for me but like the saying say "You can bend me but CAN'T Brake me" I just want to be leave my print on the world and the day I am not longer on this earth know that I was able to change at least one life. I also want to launch my own plus size clothing line that better understand the different kind of shapes and sizes from real woman from today.

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As a Plus Size Woman, Domestic and Sexual abuse Survivor I want to show others there is a Life after anything that has happened to you. You can have your greaves but you have to overcome everything get up and hold your crown high.

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