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I believe beauty is what you take from the inside and portray on the outside. Beauty is using your heart,knowledge and personal traits and talents to help others. You can look at someone on the cover of a magazine and SEE beauty but it is only when that person uses what they have inside to influence you that you can really FEEL their beauty.

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My names is Katherine, I am a 25 year old Irish model and pageant girl, with a degree from the National University of Galway Ireland in Sociology and Politics and have currently just finished my University diploma in Counselling of Psychology course. I am the leader of the Irish Society of Autism in the University which came about when I won Miss Galaxy Ireland in 2012. Through this wonderful pageant I was asked to represent a number of charities that I deemed important and this was one close to my heart as I have a brother living with this condition. This sparked within me the wonderful knowledge that I could use the thing I was passionate about perusing in my life, on a career level (modelling and pageantry) to promote the things In 2014 I won another title - World Supermodel Ireland, Since winning this title I have worked with the Irish press to promote acceptance of healthy and realistic looking bodies in the modelling industry. I want to bring about in my personal life. I'm a huge believer that if you believe you can achieve something, work hard and be kind it will come into your life. I also have a 1 year old Bichon Frise called Boo who I absolutely adore!

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Modelling, Pageantry, Animals (I am the biggest dog lover in the world), baking, learning new recipes, interior design, Sociology, Philosophy, travel -my aim is to see the 7 wonders of the world (currently 1 down) -Psychology, the study of different cultures, NLP, Learning about Marketing, history, and anything else that ties in with studying people!

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