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Hi ☺️ I am Half Samoan and Half Scandinavian, but I was born in Canada! 🇨🇦 I love people and all animals. I am a huge believer in natural beauty and all about accepting and flaunting what you have. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and unique. I believe in your body your choice but that can also change to your life your choice.

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I dream of traveling the world and seeing all there is to be offered. I am intrigued by other cultures and have so much respect for the way people live their lives there. I wanna see the smallest of islands that have barely been traveled too but also I wanna see New York or Paris and all of its beauties. I also dream of being able to help and doctor poor, sick children of the less fortunate. Another dream of mine is to own a farm with hundreds of horses and cows and dogs and cats and any little creature I can take in.

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I believe that I can make a difference as the next fashion hero, because I was raised in Samoa, a very small island far out of the normal world. There I learned of being accepting and loving everyone as much as you can. You learn the real meaning of beauty. Life is so different there, and then coming back to Canada I learned what everyone wanted to look like and be, and I went through that, I hated that I was darker skinned, that my hair was large and curly, and that I had body hair where most girls didn't. I tried to change myself to be like every other person. But as I got older, I realized that peoples opinions on my looks didn't matter, that it's how I thought of myself and that's when I started loving myself for who I was and embracing all my differences and loving them. I want to show everyone out there, that being different and unique is special and is beautiful. That there is not one choice of beauty, but that it is everywhere you look, and everything that you are.

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