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Hi!! My name is Melissa. I am a fun loving recently divorced mom. I try to enjoy everything I can as I wade through the life I have been gifted with. I have 2 boys that are my inspiration and life. One was diagnosed a few years ago on the Autism Scale and the other just graduated High School. I spent the last 5 years competing in the plus size pageant circuit and enjoyed every single minute.

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I dream of being a role model for the woman who has left or is thinking about leaving the type of relationship where the SO is controlling and/or abusive, since that is my history and experience. I also hope to help those that have either lost someone or currently taking care of a cancer warrior. Again something I have experience with after losing my mom in 2014 to lung cancer.

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I plan to use the platform to show other women that you need to believe in you. That you cannot let another person dictate who you are or allow them to keep you from following your dreams.

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