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I am a 22 year old motivated and determined woman. The words stop and no does not stop me. I am greatness. Fashion is my second nature. Since a child have always wanted to be a fashion designer and model. I have always added or subtracted my own touch to any style. It is the world where I belong and will be. I come from a loving family and want to continue their love and legacy and make to them so proud.

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Im obsessed with the idea of self-acceptance and being comfortable with self. We live with ourself and are with ourselves 24/7 365 days a year. Theres no escaping so why not accept who you are. I am big on no judge zone and I love love when everyone one feels included. The show promotes that environment and that’s what I love about the show.

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I have always wanted to be a model it is my deepest dream . I feel others misinterpret the word model they look for a great face and body but with every overpowering great model they have a great mind, mentally strong, self-acceptance, self love, confidence, self motivating, and most importantly resilliant. Those are the things which counts . These characteristics don’t come natural, through adversity they're gained and in return builds character. I want to help build that character in my generation. I’ve had my own battles myself so I want to be able to show and encourage other to that point. Not only do I want to become a fashion model but I want to be a Moguel for this up coming generation I hear my generation and I hear others and I believe I’ve been placed on this earth to speak for and to this generation. I understand more than what can be explained . I want to make a change on varies of levels and with this opportunity I believe is the right start . Despite adversity I set goals and attain them! Despite the way I look I represent much of my generation and the means of where I come from you’d begin to believe I am a rose grown out of concrete and not in a boastful way. I just want to inspire so many on a grand scale. I want to be a reason that someone or many of my generation keeps going and NEVER give up. I know one man can’t change the world but one man can make a change. I appreciate every vote in advance . Every votes a blessing

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