Studying in Russia
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I can't judge myself the most accurately but the people around they say I'm a cheerful and warm person who always cares for those around me. I am also very sociable, being a true person to myself and sharing all I can to help those around me. In my opinion, beauty is not just about your appearance, how you look, and your style. But the important thing to uphold your beauty is the person inside you, the way you treat people around you and your actions. For example, if a person looks gorgeous but the actions and words they give out are lost and a poor person with a warm heart and good mind, then for me that the person who has warm heart will overshadow that gorgeous person.

Fashion Hero TV Yarışması hakkında ne düşünüyorum?

I am interested in the fields of fashion, art and religion. I can draw, sing, dance and a catwalk. I am studying fashion design, although I haven't really experienced it, but I really want to work as a model. And I want to participate in beauty contests, it’s my dream. I also want to be an inspiration to those around me, especially the LGBT community. I want to gain equal rights and happiness for them.

Bu nesil için neden iyi bir rol model olabilirim ve Fashion Hero'nun yeni yüzü olarak insanlara nasıl ilham verebilirim?

I want to share my difference, to become a role model to make positive difference in the world I believe I can bring new colors, my own personality and try my best in the next fashion hero show. I want to become a person who can stand up to help those around me, those who have no voice in society and for the LGBT community. I want to give them the strength to live true to themselves and realize that they deserve to be happy. If my day is successful, it could be your tomorrow. We all have the same starting point, we have to believe in ourselves.

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