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I am a Music Producer/DJ originally from Lebanon but now living in Istanbul,Turkey. I'm a digital marketing graduate. Currently working on making music and videos. I'm an animal lover I'm into fitness and bodybuilding

Fashion Hero TV Yarışması hakkında ne düşünüyorum?

I think it is good place to help people get more exposure and have an opportunity to achieve their dreams. It combines all nationalities and races in one place which is wonderful.

Bu nesil için neden iyi bir rol model olabilirim ve Fashion Hero'nun yeni yüzü olarak insanlara nasıl ilham verebilirim?

I can help the young people how to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination, and compassion. Passion and Ability to Inspire other people.Commitment to the Community and always trying to help.Selflessness and Acceptance of Others is an important trait I have ,in addition to the Ability to Overcome Obstacles.

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