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Hi everyone! :) Well, I was born in Cochabamba - Bolivia but raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. A warnm city! When I finish high school I moved to Cali -Colombia "The Capital of Salsa". And if you do not believe me: "Oiga, mire, vea...vengase a Cali para que vea". Here I changed dramatically! ...I love the magic and mysticism of Bolivia... But the city where I grew up is a city of vanish, glamour and superficiality. But warnm too. ...But the people here in Cali are fresh, nature and chill. "Gente Parchada" ♡ I've learn to study and work at the same time; to be independente, to not be co-dependent and to work hard for the respect on life (even more if you want things and have purposes). To keep humbleness and kindness either up or down and to smile either good or hard times. I am involve with art: theather, letters, painting, photograph... I am in love with life. Even when sometimes I turn existentialist about it... However, with the time you learn (or life teachs you): it's all about being conscious and grateful, to stay in harmony. To flow: flow to time & flow to the current of life.

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I want puntual things: - Publish at least two books. - Have an art studio of painting and photography. To expose in art galleries too. - To do acting. - To adopt and be a mom. - To visit South Africa, Cape town. - To speak french, italian and portuguese. - To be happy alive, accomplished and in peace & serenity once I build a home until I left this earth...thanksfull for all gived and the gift for the chance of being part of this flat, specie, world and life.

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I am persistent and persevering. I am dreamly and with lot of imagination. I move in my own way and against the current. Not a rebel, but free. Whatever the wind brings, positivism is essencial. All depends on the eye of how you see things and how you behave in front of the circunstances and situations of life.

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