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I am me. A vibrant, creative mum of two, who refuses to fit stereotypes in any form or matter. Fashion is my first love. I believe I have great taste and style and also unique but authentic way of expressing myself through fashion because I'm myself. Each day I dress according to my mood and love the relationship I have with my clothes as they are able to represent me at all times. I refer to myself as a SABRISH, which is me being born and partly raised in South Africa, then moved to the UK at the age of 13yrs where I lived most of my life hence I refer to myself as a SABRISH....South African British. As a creative I cannot sit still and enjoy interacting with people, hearing different stories and seeing a diversity of different backgrounds and upbringing. There's nothing that amazes me like the world of arts and I'm totally passionate.

Fashion Hero TV Yarışması hakkında ne düşünüyorum?

Fashion Hero is a great show. It shows the fashion world in a more real manner where people can somehow relate irregardless of their differences when it comes to fashion. I love how you it creates a platform of making a difference in the industry by just being your creative self.

Bu nesil için neden iyi bir rol model olabilirim ve Fashion Hero'nun yeni yüzü olarak insanlara nasıl ilham verebilirim?

I would be a great role model because Ive learnt something very liberating within fashion that i would love to share, which is always being yourself and having that personal relationship with clothes. When I became a mum it is when the term yummy mummy was growing amongst us, I would carry on by being myself in terms of always dressing well which made me always feel good, but had many other mothers question when i would get the time to go shopping or the time to always look good. I feel I would still carry on inspiring especially as a face of fashion Hero, showing that looking and feeling good is mostly always geared by your fashion sense.

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