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I’m Viola Pink, a freelance model based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I’m having a gap year (or two) after graduating from high school in a small town, and have since moved closer to the city to make my way into the creative industries. Ever since childhood I’ve been dancing, singing and making music, and can’t ever see myself stopping.

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Lights, camera and action. The dream is to be a multi-talented model, and also to branch sidewards into the performing arts. I can’t remember ever not wanting to be in front of the camera or on a stage, and for this dream to become a reality would make my world.


I’d offer both creativity and diversity as the next fashion hero, because of my passion and experience in all areas of the arts. You could call me a fashionista since the age of 6; always dressing up my little sisters and creating outfits at any chance I got. Now as a young adult, I endeavour to promote self love and embrace inner beauty, especially in our evolving world of social media. I couldn’t rest until I knew I’d made change for the generations to come, especially in the fashion industry.

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