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My name is Brevin Hall, I live in the small town of Winona, Minnesota, USA. I am 18 years old, I live with my mother and my dog at the moment of typing this. I just recently graduated high school on May 24, 2019. I battle with depression and anxiety, being able to be on a show like this would help me battle both of these demons I think.

Mis sueños y mis pasiones

I would love to become a fashion model, and maybe possibly even start creating my own clothing line in the future. I want to make people happy, and motivate others to do better. Things I’m very passionate about are racial equality, sports, photography, and politics.

¿Cómo puedo hacer que las cosas cambien en mi calidad de próximo Fashion Hero?

I would make a difference by making other people happier with my positivity that I tend to bring out everyday in my life. Positivity is something everyone needs in their day! Also if I ever become something big I would help communities and charities out. A little bit of positivity and help can make a big difference in people’s everyday living. Something else is that I can prove to any other person living in a small town, that they can get out of their situation and become something big and important to people in the world. Me being the next fashion hero would show them they can do anything they set their heart out to do. Also by being Bi racial, other bi racial people would have another person to look up to, to show that they can do something big as well no matter discrimination.

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