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I am a multidisciplinary artist from a beautiful small island in the Gulf of Mexico. Proud of my mayan heritage, I am determined to help build a society that embraces differences with compassion and kindness. I am passionate about artistic creation, knowledge, spirituality and nature. I love listening to music, dancing and art in all its forms. I am a loving daughter, sister and friend. I believe that everyone's voice should be valued and that great things can be accomplished if we do them with love. I am committed to everything I do and always give my best, even when facing hard times. Life is uncertain but there is beauty in finding balance and calmness within uncertainty. I also think time and the people we love are our most valuable possessions, I recognize that one of my greatest achievements would be leaving a mark in Mexican art history and I hope to see the earth from space some day. Follow me on IG ♡ !


I think Fashion Hero is an incredible idea because beauty standards have caused a lot of pain in our society and I cannot think of a better time to knock these standards down and embrace the beauty in human imperfection with everything that it entails. We are ALL beautiful, no matter our size, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, social status or age. WE ARE PERFECT, we are not just bodies or pieces of flesh, we are sentient beautiful beings that are worthy or LOVE. Change is possible, and it's through projects like this that social values can be rebuild for the better, from the inside, to the outside. I had never considered entering a reality series, but I truly believe that this project aims for great things in humanity and for that, I am all in. It's like having someone read my mind and creating something that goes beyond what I had even imagined, it's having the opportunity to say what I really think and share a message I've been wanting to communicate with the world.


I believe I have everything it takes to inspire people to accomplish self love and compassion. As a kid, I grew up comparing myself to other girls because I was never skinny, I felt less than other people and unworthy for years, thinking I was never enough. As a teenager I lost important people in my life and that led me to a deep depression I didn't know how to handle and I became obese. I restrained myself from social interaction because I could't bare not looking like a "normal person". This was the most difficult period of time in my life, I hurt my body through food and my mind through the messages I gave myself everyday. I felt trapped, unworthy, I hated myself and everything around me. I thought I was never going to feel good about myself, that I was never going to fit in even when I had a loving family and friends that showed me their love and support. But it was never enough because I didn't have love within myself. It was only after traveling overseas that I got to meet people from different backgrounds and beliefs, that didn't care about how I looked or what size I was, and it was through recognizing our differences and respecting them that I started feeling a little like home. This experience made me feel that I belonged somehow and it gave me the strength to move forward, to a place where I could fight to feel better about myself... And so I did. I have overcome adversity despite having a difficult childhood and teenage years, despite having violent partners in my adult life, despite having the belief that I was never enough. I have gone through a process of healing that has taken me several years with MANY setbacks and tears. But after all these years, I have encountered myself each time, and every time I have come out STRONGER. I have learned to love myself, to rebuild my belief systems to those ones focused on LOVE, to cherish the people I have around me, to be thankful for being able to breathe, walk, drink water and experience this beautiful journey that is LIFE. It has never been easy and I am still fighting. I have to remind myself everyday of everything I've been through to get here, of all that I've accomplished even when society tells me I am never going to be enough because I have an imperfect body. But THIS IS MY IMPERFECT BODY, the one that overcame obesity and is still here, fighting, standing for itself, building itself anew each day. Even when times get rough, I keep on moving, because we have only so much time and I'm not going to waste it feeling sorry about myself. I am here to enjoy and be happy!!! So yes, I believe I can be a GREAT role model for this generation because I am living proof that change is possible and I feel it is my responsibility to spread this message. I have experienced amazing change within my way of perceiving life and I want others to experience it too, I have given my whole spirit in this journey of self acceptance and I am still fighting but it has become easier for me everyday because every hard time has made me stronger and for that, I know for sure that you will be too ♡

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