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Hello, and welcome! My name is Morgan, but you can call me Kitty! I am a 26 year old elf eared, aged cheddar from the sweet spot of the sunny Okanagan Valley in beautiful BC. I currently work in VFX Production, SPFX makeup and wardrobe. These jobs constantly keep me busy, push me to learn and develop my craft as well as to persue other venues of art.

Mis sueños y mis pasiones

My dream has always been to push all of my abilities whether it be in sports, art, community and see where they can take me. Who will I meet? What will I learn? How will I grow? I am constantly finding inspiration in the way the leaves move or seeing a random stranger on the street and enjoying the way they convey themselves. How they feel true to themselves. And this is why I am so enthralled and obsessed with fashion, creatives and different mediums.

¿Cómo puedo hacer que las cosas cambien en mi calidad de próximo Fashion Hero?

I have a tendency to be very nervous about following my gut.. But have, over the past few years, learnt how to follow and harness that feeling. I believe I would be able to inspire the under dog, the beaten down and distraught. I would bring love, chaos, beauty and ugly to every facet of my influence within fashion and make sure no one felt to afraid to let their insides show.

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