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My definition of beauty is when you can look at the mirror and say "I am happy with myself." I am almost there but if I get to participate in this event and win I know I can say that and mean it.

Mis sueños y mis pasiones

Hey, guys my name is Sabrina Joseph and I live in Medford, Massachusetts. If you don't know where that is that is fine. No one does. Just know it's near Boston,Massachusetts. I was born in Cambridge, MA and recently to Atlanta, GA for high-school. Then I moved back to Boston,MA for school. For six years I went to Bunker Hill Community College. I graduated in May 2015 and transferred to Umass Lowell. My goal is to get my bachelors degree in the next year or two but in the mean time I want to start my dream career which is to be an actress/model.

¿Cómo puedo hacer que las cosas cambien en mi calidad de próximo Fashion Hero?

I like reading, writing, acting and singing. I also like doing YouTube videos.

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