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28 años de edad
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Growing up, the biggest luxuries of life for me had to be a plate of good food, pain-free days and an uninterrupted night of sleep... I had a struggle with my health during most part of my childhood that lead me to home school myself and by the time I had to make educational choices, I chose beauty as a subject as I had major complex about myself,my body and my journey .. I really needed to break free from 4 walls and also be able to look at myself with no disgust( read as hatred towards myself and my physical appearance).. in order to overcome this, I took up makeup as a lesson not knowing it would carve a future for me, a future so bright that I have the privilege to dress people each day of my life and help them realise a new person within them and embrace themselves...apart from make-up, I also run an event management company and a Jewellery rental portal..

Mis sueños y mis pasiones

I honestly had no passion or grand dream when I ventured into makeup , only after I started doing makeup that I realised that my passion lies not in colours or the beauty, it lies in the people.. I am passionate about making someone smile, making their dream turn into reality.. watching them look at themselves in a whole new different way..after all these years and running 2 other companies I have come to realise.. I enjoy being around people and impacting their lives. And it's grown into a dream to be able to travel and inspire women to get out of the comfort zone and look beyond possibilities.

¿Cómo puedo hacer que las cosas cambien en mi calidad de próximo Fashion Hero?

Coming from a country like India, we battle a lot of difference in the beauty standard that has been set.. growing up dark skinned and unhealthy due to all the medication, I have always felt like I do not fit into the group of good-looking women.All this changed when I travelled , when people across the globe raved about my curvy body and skin colour ..that's when I realised what a nutshell I have been living in.. I had a boost of confidence that changed the course of my life.. I believe I will be able to translate this message to so many beautiful women out there battling body shaming and I think I need a platform to show them it's all just till u decide to break free..

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