34 בן/בת שנים
מי אני?

I'm Dwayne, 33 and an aspiring Actor from London.

מה דעתי על תוכנית הטלויזיה "גיבור האופנה"?

It's a great concept and a fantastic opportunity for budding models to get their foot in the door of the industry.

למה אני אהיה מודל לחיקוי לדור הזה ואשמש השראה לאנשים בתור הפנים החדשות של "גיבור האופנה"?

I would be a great role model because of my age as older models will be inspired and not feel like it's too late to realise their dream and also i would inspire by just setting a great example of how to be nice and successful because i am a nice guy and very humble but also ambitious.

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