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דירוג החודש
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מי אני?

I'm humbled and caring .I've always wanted to model but circumstances beyond my control stopped me ,there was always a challenge ahead of me.I'm ambitious and strong willed.I've come to know that every obstacle in my way and every challenge i came across made me who i am today and made me stronger and to appreciate life to the fullest and never take things for granted,and for that i am thankfuI in every way.I love to be around people and meeting new people, travelling and going new places .And to me the most important thing that i value in life is family and being selfless.Have a daughter that is my strength to go on when i feel like giving up ,she's my strength to move on and get out of bed and face another day.To her I'm already a hero.She's my most priced jewel in the world and love her lots.Just love to model and just be me.

מה דעתי על תוכנית הטלויזיה "גיבור האופנה"?

To make a difference to other peoples lives.My passion is to take care of others and try to make a better world for the future generations sake.I always wanted to model ,and inspire girls from the ghetto to get out there and spread their wings and fly.I grew up in the ghetto and there most youth are deprived of most things in life and in a cocoon .My dream is to show them that there is a whole new world out there ,waiting to be explored ,all they got to do is reach out.Be yourself and don't change for anything.You are beautiful just the way you are.

למה אני אהיה מודל לחיקוי לדור הזה ואשמש השראה לאנשים בתור הפנים החדשות של "גיבור האופנה"?

I want to make a difference as an ambassador to most young women ,that we are who we chose to be,despite our backgrounds and where we come from.We can reach our dreams its never too late to dream big.To show others that the sky is the limit,if you really fight for what you want you can get there someday.To show most all to our future generation reach out higher,never give up and to create a better brighter future for the next generation.To give hope to the African nations and to all nations inneed to try to unite for a better future. All you got to do is believe in yourself and DARE TO DREAM BIG!!To say everyone deserves a second chance in life no matter who you are ,can still make it if you set your mind to it.Thank you

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