39 בן/בת שנים
מי אני?

I am a 38 years old black woman, born and raised in Haiti, a Caribbean Island Growing up there ( in the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere) was challenging and particularly painful for me. I am a mother above all, I have two children .... my biggest success is them. they made me discover the beauty of love and regain confidence in others.

מה דעתי על תוכנית הטלויזיה "גיבור האופנה"?

it's a fantastic program, because it goes beyond stereotypes, and encourages people to be themselves.

למה אני אהיה מודל לחיקוי לדור הזה ואשמש השראה לאנשים בתור הפנים החדשות של "גיבור האופנה"?

I don’t give up on anything, still keeping my hopes and faith high. Life has made me a fighter, for no matter how many times I have fallen on my knees, I quickly get up to pursue  my dreams, correcting the mistakes, focusing on the end goals and doubling the efforts to reach them . I am self-confident and passionate about cultivating ways to win and pass them to others, such as my children, so they can do it, as well as I am holding on to do it.

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