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I'm a very introverted, fun and loving person. I'm a sucker for love. I know how to do certain things but I'm just lazy... but I'm a very dedicated person. I'm quite creative and weird and stupid sometimes but through all my flaws, I still love myself.

החלומות והתשוקות שלי

I hope that one day I'll be the greatest surgeon of all time ( G.S.O.A.T) I want to be the richest human on earth. Well I haven't really found my passion yet or maybe be I'm too embarrassed about it and it's too nasty to be mentioned. But soon I'll come out.

איך אני יכול לעשות שינוי כגיבור האופנה הבא?

Well honestly I'm a simple girl living a simple life with the usual real life problems but I want to change the modelling industry. I want people who want to be models but don't qualify because of their physique to be recognized in the industry I also want to change girls mindset that you know what, "I may not look as girly as I should but I will rock these shorts and I believe I do look beautiful and unique. I don't give a fuck about what the society says, I'm different and weird and funny thing I like being weird because I don't look like anyone." That is the kind of confidence I want to hear from everyone.

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