Hairdresser - Business Student
33 בן/בת שנים
מי אני?

Brazilian, Living in Dublin - Ireland . 32 Years - Non Binary - Bi-Gender - I can express both sides as the female is more artistic)- Sigma Empath and a Free Spirit who loves express myself in every way, my passion is fashion, photography , all kind of art and entertainment! I love just being myself and I’m truly honest with myself although before It wasn’t like that. I found out I was gay when I was 6 but I had something more than that, I was different and I was constantly bullied but for other side I grown up stronger. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was teenager and I had scars from being judge from my appearance. But now I do love look after myself but because I want to, I don’t do that for people, I do for myself.I used to think about what people would think about me and from The moment that I found out who I am and truly embraced it, my life change! I pay a price for that but I am a person who lives according to my own wishes and beliefs, unconstrained by society's conventions. I’m independent, creative , smart, kind ,Understanding and expressive person. I’ve learned to value myself and I respect others. Instead of relying on power dynamics to feel confident, I claim my individuality. I don’t need fit in… all those situation ( it is deeper than you think), made me a strong and better person. I see everyone as equal and I’m proud about it.

מה דעתי על תוכנית הטלויזיה "גיבור האופנה"?

First of all I need to be honest and say I did not know about that amazing serie (I searchers and start watching it. Loving it). I came in that page “by mistake but called my attention! Everything has a reason. The series is an amazing opportunity for everyone express themselves and show the world that be different is an amazing thing! We are unique! We don’t need to “fit in” and it shows it. Inclusive, real life 💓

למה אני אהיה מודל לחיקוי לדור הזה ואשמש השראה לאנשים בתור הפנים החדשות של "גיבור האופנה"?

I can be a boy, I can be a girl or whatever I want and I have a big love and respect for designers and and I breath fashion! Win and be a face of a big campaign would be a dream and I have the “thing” to do it. I have my unique style (Actually, I have a lot of styles, depends what I want and how I feel) and I live it! I pay a price sometimes As I said before when u are different and are not afraid of show it in a society who follow standards can be hard but my power and passion for living my truth is bigger than that . I’m confident, unique, comfortable in my own skin Poser (flash flash). I’m very excited about the show.

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