17 בן/בת שנים
דירוג החודש
דירוג ב-
מי אני?

My name is Yoko, I’m 17 years old black feminist girl. I was born in Brazil but have been living in Massachusetts for 2 years.

מה דעתי על תוכנית הטלויזיה "גיבור האופנה"?

I think that it’s a great opportunity for those who don’t follow the beauty standards but still being beautiful. The whole world needs to see shows like the fashion hero.

למה אני אהיה מודל לחיקוי לדור הזה ואשמש השראה לאנשים בתור הפנים החדשות של "גיבור האופנה"?

I have always been bullied for being too skiny, having big lips, my nose and etc. But now that I know my worth and I know that everyone is different and that’s not a problem, I want to show the whole world that everything is possible when you know who you are. I want to inspire the whole world just like I do with my friends, mom and people around me, beauty standards doesn’t define who you are and if I tell you I’m a queen there’s not a single soul who should say I’m not. You are who you want to be!!

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