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How is The Fashion Hero changing the beauty standards?

The Fashion Hero celebrates real beauty and leads the way for the evolving fashion industry as trends shift & models diversify from the classic stereotypes.

Through our international TV competition Series - contestants of many backgrounds, shapes & sizes are carefully chosen to participate in a series of challenges where they will have the opportunity to embrace what makes them different, all while empowering millions of viewers around the world to embrace their unique qualities.

After the worldwide success of Season 1, having aired in 160 countries, with over 20 million website visitors, The Fashion Hero has quickly turned into a global movement, challenging the status quo and disrupting the fashion industry. This has gathered the attention of major international brands, some of which will take part of Season 2, where over 76,000 contestants have registered for the chance to become a brand ambassador, to be part of a marketing campaign and to become the new face of The Fashion Hero.

With this incredible momentum, Season 2 is soon to be filmed in beautiful South Africa and recruitment has already started for Season 3 with promises to be the biggest season yet. Our team is dedicated to delivering on the promise of spreading awareness for diversity and empowering real people who wish to celebrate their beauty without the former insecurities that have been present for too long in society.

We hope that you’ll join us on this adventure and find inspiration in our movement.

How to become a fashion hero?

Last month's winners !
Joshua “Nefertiti  Erpel

Joshua “Nefertiti Erpel

New Zealand

Noa Henschel

Noa Henschel


Farah Mirza

Farah Mirza


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