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Our partner brands will select a hundred finalists for the The Fashion Hero TV Show Series


How to become a model with the fashion hero?

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What is the fashion hero?

The Mission

The Fashion Hero, produced by Beauty World Search, is an international promotional casting event as well as a television show and series. Its mission is to change the unhealthy and unrealistic standards of the fashion and beauty industry, by bringing people who do not fit the traditional norms of this industry and giving them a chance to be selected by our international brands to model in one of their advertising campaigns.

Who Can Participate?

Men and women, from all around the world, of any shapes & sizes, ethnicities & nationalities and of any marital status can create their profile on thefashionhero.com for $9.99/year. After registering, participant must promote their profiles through their social media in order to receive votes and possibly be selected to appear on our television show.

How To Win?


Every month, from November 2014 to August of 2015, the TOP 3 participant to receive the highest number of votes during a given month will automatically be invited to the grand finale in November 2015. In addition, in September 2015, the TOP 40 participant with the most votes in our 80 participating countries, will move on to the next round in which our Brands will be then select 100 finalists to attend and participate in the filming of The Fashion Hero television show at the end of 2015.

What You Win?

Our 130 finalists will participate in the filming of THE FASHION HERO TV SHOW SERIES, which will be filmed at the end of 2015

Prizes from our brands.


How can you win?

Create your profile

Complete your profile, upload your photos & videos telling our Brands why they should choose you

Ask your friends to vote for you

You can win if you have lots of votes

How are the winners chosen ?

The most votesEnd of the contest (Sept 2015)

40 candidates per country

80 countries

3,200 Semi-finalists



The brands' selection (Sep 2015)

finalists chosen by the Brands

The most votes End of each month (Nov 2014-Aug 2015)

Winners per month 3

Total months 10


130 Finalists

Finalists to be invited to the Filming.

The Fashion Hero Television Show will be filmed at a location to be announced, in spring 2015.