How it works
How it works
Who can participate

Anyone between the ages of 16 and over! Men and women from all around the world are invited to participate regardless of height, size, ethnicity, orientation, or style preference.

What is Fashion Hero
Video trailer

The Fashion Hero is more than just a fashion disruptor, it is a complete global movement set to forever change the game. With a focus on real people and atypical beauty, it is the first television series of its kind. The Fashion Hero is shaking up the fashion and beauty industries by beating down the unrealistic and unattainable standards and redefining the current definition of “beauty”.

Create your profile!

This will be your international portfolio that we will share with professionals of the fashion industry.

Gather those votes!

The more you share your profile, the more votes you'll get!

Become a finalist!

The heroes with the most votes have the chance to be selected to be part of The Fashion Hero TV series.

What can you win
Filming of the series
Filming of the series

A chance to be casted in a local or international version of “The Fashion Hero television series for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All the participants will play a crucial part in changing the fashion industry’s beauty standards and will inspire model hopefuls all around the world.”

Ad campaign
Ad campaign

Each of our designers/brands will select a winner to appear in one of their upcoming advertising campaigns!

Media exposure
Media exposure

Winners will also be featured across The Fashion Hero’s social media, website and marketing materials.